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Solar Repairs

What can go wrong with solar panels?

Due to rigorous solar codes and standards, todays solar panels are designed to withstand some heavy duty wear and tear, being exposed to the elements 24/7 means they most definitely need to be. Although the photovoltaic cells that make up a solar panel are very fragile, the tempered glass that covers them is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds and hail.

A typical solar system setup usually comes with a 25yr warranty as a minimum, but you can get significantly more usage from your solar system after this period if you ensure some basic checks and maintenance procedures are carried out on a regular basis. If anything is going to go wrong with your solar system it’s likely to be with the inverter as that is the most complex device in the set up. Scheduling a regular maintenance check is a good way to catch a problem early on and implement preventative measures.

What to look for in regular annual checks?

Keep your solar panels clean. To give your system the best opportunity of producing maximum power, it’s extremely important to ensure you keep the panels clean and free from dirt and debris. We recommend an annual maintenance schedule but there are some conditions that may require additional  scheduling depending on the environment the system is situated. For more details go to our SOLAR PANEL CLEANING page.

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