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Why solar panels need cleaning?

Generally, solar panels are self cleaning and can cope well with a bit of dust in-between rainy periods, however, there are some conditions to this rule that every solar panel owner should be aware of.

If you live in a particularly dry area where you don’t get much rain, the build up of dirt on the panels can reduce performance. If you live near the ocean, salt can have the same effect. Living near a major highway can cause an oily residue that’s created from exhaust fumes to settle on your panels creating a ‘shady’ effect, therefore reducing your panels’ ability to absorb sunlight.

The main attribute to poor performance due to dirty solar panels is bird poop! Yep bird poop, and regardless of where you live in Australia, your home will almost always find it’s way under the flight path of our wonderful feathered friends.

Your solar panels do not need to be covered in dust and grime to warrant poor performance, just a few spots here and there are enough to reduce their ability to perform at full capacity. This build up has a shadowing effect on your panels which restricts the amount of sunlight they can absorb, which of course will effect the amount of energy they can produce.

How often do solar panels need cleaning?

Good quality solar panels can endure a regular cycle of dust and grime build up for months, however don’t let that turn into years. We recommend a thorough but gentle professional clean once every 12 months, unless you live in extreme conditions in which case one of our professionals can advise you on the best cleaning schedule for your environment.

What's the best way to clean solar panels?

SAFELY! That’s the best way to clean solar panels! Solar panels can have up to 1000 volts DC. This is not DIY.

Solar systems and their components are complex and expensive they should be treated with extreme care. Only a professional technician should perform any type of maintenance work on your solar system, even basic checks require a high level of skill and knowledge. Not to mention they are more often than not installed on the roof of a building which poses a height risk. Leave it to a professional as it’s really not worth the risk.

How Sydney Air and Solar will clean your solar panels?

We do not use any chemicals or harsh abrasives when cleaning your solar panels as this can cause significant damage and reduce their efficiency. We use minimal detergents, if any at all, and only to spot clean any stubborn areas, followed by a high pressure water clean. If your panels present with an oily residue we will use isopropyl alcohol and again only as a spot clean solution. Absolutely no metal or hard bristled brushes or sponges are used, as this can cause scratches which will produce a shade like effect and reduce the panels ability to absorb sunlight.

We won't just clean your panels, we'll perform
a full system check to ensure your system is running to capacity.