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We pride ourselves on treating each customer as an individual. Our CEC Accredited Designer will design each and every solar system specifically for your requirements. Sure, there are many ‘generic solar kits’ available on the market today but choosing the right one for your individual needs requires an individual tailored experience. When choosing our team you know you are getting quality solar installers in Sydney. If you want the best solar system design for your home or business you need to engage the best solar system team. Simple.

As quality solar installers in Sydney, we put your needs first.

We know how busy life can get which is why we provide free inhouse quotes at a time that suits your individual needs, so yes we even offer after hours and weekend free quotes! For your convenience we can even do Zoom calls to keep within COVID restriction rules when required.
Call one of our friendly team members now to make your appointment 1300 725 426 or email and we'll get back to you very soon.
Talking to a professional about how you use the energy in your home is essential in understanding what your needs are. By understanding how you use the power in your home, we can maximise the energy production to suit. eg Are you home throughout the day? What appliances do you have? Is the home air conditioned? A proper site assessment ensures we understand what you need.

The solar industry is overflowing with many different brands of solar panels and inverters, TOO MANY actually! Making the right decision for you is definitely challenging. Sydney Air and Solar take the guess work out by only using the worlds most trusted brands, If we don't want it on our roof we most certainly will not put it on your roof.

Choosing the right solar installer is just as, if not MORE important that choosing the right system. You can have the best system on the market but if it's not installed correctly it can become a very expensive dangerous problem. Sydney Air and Solar are Enphase mircoinverter specialists, SMA PowerUp Partners and we are lead by a CEC Accredited solar designer and installer, so when choosing us you know you are in safe hands.

Enphase have rated us at World Class level on our Customer Performance Scorecard! So what does that mean? It means....Sydney Air and Solar have reached a level that rivals GLOBAL Enphase microinverter installers, not just within the great land of Oz! This rating comes directly from customers. We cannot alter or edit it in any way nor can we remove it. Customers are the foundation of our business, we respect them. Simple.
As quality solar installers in Sydney we take environmental care very seriously. We encourage our customers to choose energy efficient systems not just for their own benefit but for the benefit of our planet as a whole. Choosing the sun as your primary source of energy not only makes financial sense, it feels good. Actually it feels great! If we don't care of our beautiful planet who will?!

Why switch to solar?

As quality solar installers in Sydney, we get asked alot of questions but this is probably the most common one we get and we always answer “Why on Earth not?” There are so many benefits to making the switch but the most important one is Solar Energy is the cleanest form of energy available today and our planet NEEDS more clean sources of energy.

Traditional forms of energy generate harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions because they require the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel generated energy also requires massive amounts of water to facilitate their cooling requirements.

Solar Energy does not produce any harmful gases nor does it place strain on water resources.

Switching to Solar Energy is only a small step to help cleaning up our planet but that step will leave a much smaller footprint for generations to come.

Did you know that scientists have estimated more energy reaches the earth from the sun in 1 hour than us humans can use in an entire year?! AND the source is infinite.

When you compare that to fossil fuel resources that are NOT infinite and add that we have to dig up our planet to source them, then refine them with environmentally sensitive and very expensive processes…the choice is easy.

Don’t Just Flick the Switch Make the Switch!

Choose Sydney Air and Solar, quality solar installers in Sydney

What size system do I need?

In order to work out what size system you need we first need to determine how much energy you are currently using. This information can be found on your electricity bill. Your bill will show your daily average electricity usage in kWh (kilowatt-hours), some bills will use the word ‘units’ instead. If there is no daily usage amount shown, take the monthly average and divide by 30 or the yearly average and divide by 365, either will give you your daily average.

In Sydney 1kW of solar will generate approx. 4.5kWh of energy per day.

If your daily energy usage is 20kWh then you just divide 20 (your daily average) by 4.5 (kWh produced daily) and this will give you the size of the system you need to meet your needs, in this case it equates to a 4.4kW solar system.

How many solar panels do I need?

How many solar panels you will need is determined by where on your roof they are positioned and how much energy you require to meet your needs.

In Sydney, North facing roofs are the ideal aspect for a solar system. Although it sounds straight forward, there are times when east or west facing roofs are preferred depending on what time of the day you will need to generate power. East and West facing roofs will generate less power than a North facing roof overall  but it’s not all about peak power. It’s more important to use what you make efiiciently than to make more.

So for a 6.6 kw system which is quite common today, you will require 20 panels x 330W which will give you a peak power of 6.6kW. Larger homes may require up to 40 panels if there is enough space or power requirements for them.

What if I generate more energy than I use?

If you generate more energy than you use you can sell it back to the grid OR you may like to consider a battery storage system, this option is becoming more and more popular. Rather than sell your excess energy back to the grid it can be stored in a solar battery. Solar batteries work by storing the energy that is produced by your solar panels and storing it for later use. Excess energy will only go back to the grid if your battery is full.

One thing to remember is solar energy of course comes from the sun. So if it’s overcast less energy will be produced, when the sun sets, no energy will be produced. In these situations you may need to buy energy from the grid to meet your needs, however if you have a solar battery storage system in place any excess energy your system produces will be stored and ready for use when it’s needed.

How much can I expect to save?

The amount of money saved is determined primarily by the amount of panels installed, however other factors such as the position of the panels and various installation conditions will also play a contributing factor.

As a general guide, using a price of 25 cents per kW, you could expect to save approximately $400 per kW of power. So for a 6kW system, you could save up $2400 in one year. (6kW x $400 = $2400). This is assumig you are using the power produced and not selling it back to the grid.

Solar energy is far more cost effective!

By making the switch to solar you will be generating your own energy so you don’t need to buy it from the grid. If you make more than you need you sell it to the grid or store it in a battery. Easy.

Fossil fuels are not an infinite source like our sun is, they can become scarce if over exploited. This poses a real threat to the fossil fuel energy industry which can increase the price of electricity.

Making the switch to solar is not only beneficial for our planet but also your pocket…

Don’t Just Flick the Switch Make the Switch!

Get it done right, choose Sydney Air and Solar quality solar installers in Sydney.


With the price of electricity continually on the rise more and more Australians are looking toward other options to assist with their household energy requirements. Making the switch to solar has substantial financial rewards, however, that’s not the only benefit. By making the choice to reduce your carbon footprint you are doing your bit to protect our fragile environment.
Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity.
The inverter converts solar DC power into 240V alternating current (AC) suitable for your households appliances.
Your home uses electricity from the solar panels and additional supply comes from the grid or batteries if you have them installed.

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Any excess power is fed into electricity grid.
The meter measures your electricity consumption and power you are exporting back to the grid.
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