Enphase Microinverters + Hyundai 390W Panels

Is This System For Me?

If you've got a little room to move in your budget why not give yourself an upgrade from the 7.5kW Silver Package to the 8.1kW Gold Package, she's a beauty!
So what are the differences you ask? Well there are two major ones.

1. The 8.1kW Gold Package still uses Enphase microinverters like in the Silver Package but instead of the iQ7PLUS model we've ramped up the power with the new iQ7A model. The iQ7A's are higher output microinverters which are specifically designed to be paired with higher output solar panels. This combination gives you a much more powerful solar system.

2. The 8.1kW Gold Package comes with the exceptional Hyundai HiE-S390VG modules. Hyundai Energy Solutions is a core part of Hyundai Heavy Industries established in 1972. Hyundai Energy Solutions has stormed the global market providing high-quality PV products to thousands of customers world wide. They have a solid customer service base right here in the heart of Sydney CBD. Their panels come with a 25yr Product and Performance Warranty.

Enphase Microinverters

Enphase iQ7A Microinverters

In an Enphase system, the DC generated by the solar panels is converted to AC at the module-level by the microinverter attached beneath each panel. This design means that, unlike traditional DC string inverters, the Enphase iQ TM microinverter system provides a complete AC solution that uses no high-voltage DC, ensuring a safe solar solution for homeowners and PV professionals.

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Hyundai VG Series Solar Panels

The new Hyundai VG Series boast a range of different PERC shingled solar panels ranging in power from 390W to 405W. They promise more power generation in low light conditions and with 25yr product and performance warranty they are hard to pass over. Our personal favorite is the Hyundai HiE-S390VG(BK-CC). A very impressive all black look, perfect for modern homes where panels are visible from street level. Or if your’re looking to save a few bucks (who isn’t!!) try the silver framed HiE-S390VG model, still a great looking panel that performs exceptionally well.

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8.1kW Gold Package_ Enphase Microinverter Solar System


This system is designed to supply approximately 32kW of power on average throughout the day, this number will vary depending on your location, panel position, light conditions, and individual circumstances. During winter this number is less and in summer this figure will be higher due to the longer sunlight hours. It is important to get the power usage right for your individual circumstances. SAS is your solar system installation expert.


A 8.1kW system will usually require 20 x 390 Watt solar panels. This number varies according to which solar panels are selected, where they are positioned and other individual circumstances. This will be tailored individually to your needs. Larger systems available if required and can be customised to your home. If you have a growing family you may want to add a little bit more capacity to prepare you for power hungry kids who will always leave the lights on regardless of what you try and teach them! Is an electric car on the cards? If so, now may be a time to invest in a larger system to charge your car for free. See PANELS for more information. For homeowners with pools, spas or high power usage, larger system will be beneficial for bigger savings.


This system is battery compatible, so if you were thinking of installing a battery now or in the future you’re covered.  See BATTERIES PANELS for more information. Batteries are a great way to save power throughout the day and use it at night when you get home. Keep in mind that you may need a larger solar system to use power during the day and charge your batteries. SAS will size your solar system and battery correctly to lower your investment and increase your savings.


The savings will vary depending on how efficiently you use your energy and what contract you have with your Energy Retailer. Getting the right size to balance your power needs is important. Try the SolarQuotes Cost Calculator to work out your numbers or feel free to Contact Us and we can do it for you!


If you would like one of our professionals to design a system specially suited to your individual needs. Click below and we’ll be sure to get back to you within 60 minutes. Let us design you a sustainable solar system to save you money on your next power bill.

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