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VRV Air Conditioning Systems

For complete control of temperature and conditions in your high end home or commercial premises.

What is a VRV Air Conditioning System?

VRV - Variable Refrigerant Volume or VRF - Variable Refrigerant Flow is a multi split type air conditioner for commercial buildings that use variable refrigerant flow control. This system has the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room or the entire floor of a building.

VRV systems are also able to use the same central unit to connect to multiple indoor units in various rooms. eg a 30kW Condenser can connect to 10 indoor units in different offices or rooms. Many different indoor head options are available to suit the application in that room. Hi wall split, concealed ducted units and cassettes are some of the many indoor head options available.

Why should I choose a VRV Air Conditioning System?

This type of system is the ideal set up for offices commercial buildings and or larger style homes.

With its flexible layout options, this system allows a connection of multiple units to only 1 outdoor unit making this the ideal system for multiple office buildings that require individual climate control for each zone.

By having an individual head in each room or office, it is possible to set different temperatures in each area. This provides the ultimate in comfort. The other big advantage is the ability to switch areas off when not in use. This allows power saving and therefore reduced power bills for areas that have a different amount of people.

How can I find the best VRV Air Conditioning System for me?

With so many air conditioning systems available today, it's very easy to get overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. This is why we always recommend having one of our professionals come out to your home to discuss your individual needs. They will ensure you get the best possible air conditioning solution that meets your every requirement.

Sometimes you don't know what you want?

That's ok, we get it! With over 20 years of experience, our professionals will be able to advise you on the best system to suit your individual needs.

We will find the best Floor Standing Air Conditioner for you so you don't have to.

Installation & Repairs

We have the experience, team of professionals and resources to make your project run smoothly, efficiently and on schedule.
What brands do you use?

Sydney Air and Solar can supply you with just about any brand of air conditioner on the market today.

We will always recommend the best system for you based on your individual needs. What works in some spaces may not work in others, this is why we always recommend getting professional advice before making a purchase.

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How long will it take to install?

The amount of time it takes to install a VRV Air Conditioning System will depend on the size of your system and the layout of the building. Once a system has specifically designed for you our professionals will be able to give an accurate installation timeframe.

We also promise to clean up the same day! We will leave your space as clean if not cleaner than before we arrived. On the rare occasion we may need a few more hours to ensure your system is installed perfectly and set up to suit your individual needs. The details of your project will be clearly explained to you prior to your installation by one of our professionals during the quoting process.

How much does it cost to repair?

This is a tricky question we get quite often. An air conditioning system is a complex machine that houses  specialised components designed to provide different functions all at the same time.  A professional technician is required to be able to diagnose a problem. More often than not a problem can be diagnosed within the first 30mins of a service call and can be rectified on the same day or within 24-48hrs depending on the part or materials that may be required.

You can reduce the chance of a breakdown by ensuring you maintain regular annual services. During these annual services, a professional technician will be able to foresee a potential problem and advise a preventative measure on the spot. For full details of service call fees and charges please CLICK HERE or CALL 0466 663 388.

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Our team will always send an employee of ours to your home or business. That way you can rest assured that only trusted members of our team will be working for you. We support and train to our exceptional standards to ensure you get high quality consistent service. Customer service is vital to the growth of our company. 

We always value your feedback to keep improving the way we do business.

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