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Ducted Air Conditioning

For complete and total temperature control throughout your desired space. Maintain individual climate atmospheres in each room of your home or business environment.

What is a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

A ducted air conditioner is a system that is capable of cooling or heating your entire home at the same time. It uses an outdoor unit and only one central indoor unit.

This central indoor unit heats or cools the air and then distributes it evenly throughout the home via a series of ducts. The air then flows through these ducts out of vents cooling or heating the desired areas. It is also possible to minimise power consumption by splitting your home into zones and running certain areas at once.

One of the most beautiful features of a ducted system is that the climate is made to feel very natural by moving the air in a subtle way. Air will flow to all parts of your home and the temperature will nicely even out in all of the selected zones. Having a silent system also adds to the appeal.

Why should I choose a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Unlike a split system unit where the indoor unit is wall mounted and clearly visible and can only cool or heat that one room, a ducted system can be hidden away in the roof and via the ducting work and vents installed throughout the roof and ceiling, heat or cool the entire house at once.

A ducted system is a much less obtrusive style of air conditioning as most of the large components can be hidden out of view. This makes it the preferred option for new builds or people simply looking for a more sleek style of air conditioning.

With the added features of zone temperature control, you can program your system to cool or heat different rooms of your home individually at different temperatures.

How can I find the best Ducted Air Conditioning System for me?

Deciding on a ducted air conditioning system is a lifestyle investment that should be carefully planned. We always recommend having one of our professionals come out to your home to discuss your individual needs. When we know exactly what your needs are we can present you with a custom designed air conditioning solution.

Sometimes you don't know what you want?
That's ok, we get it! With over 20 years experience our professionals will be able to advise you on the best system to suit your individual needs.

We will find the best Ducted Air Conditioning System for you by applying our years of experience. A well designed and installed system is more important than just a quality brand. Let the experts at Sydney Air and Solar install your next ducted air conditioning system.

Installation & Repairs

We have the experience, team of professionals and resources to make your project run smoothly, efficiently and on schedule.
What brands do you use?

Sydney Air and Solar can supply you with just about any brand of air conditioner on the market today.

We will always recommend the best system for you based on your individual needs. What works in some spaces may not work in others, this is why we always recommend getting professional advice before making a purchase.

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How long will it take to install?

The amount of time it takes to install a ducted air conditioning system will depend on the size of your home and the system we are installing. Typically for an average size home we can install a ducted air conditioning unit in a day. However this may vary depending on the layout of your home and the size of the system.

We also promise to clean up the same day! We will leave your space as clean if not cleaner than before we arrived. On the rare occasion we may need a few more hours to ensure your system is installed perfectly and set up to suit your individual needs. The details of your project will be clearly explained to you prior to your installation by one of our professionals during the quoting process.

How much does it cost to repair?

This is a tricky question we get quite often. An air conditioning system is a complex machine that houses  specialised components designed to provide different functions all at the same time.  A professional technician is required to be able to diagnose a problem. More often than not a problem can be diagnosed within the first 30mins of a service call and can be rectified on the same day or within 24-48hrs- depending on the part or materials that may be required.

You can reduce the chance of a breakdown by ensuring you maintain regular annual services. During these annual services, a professional technician will be able to foresee a potential problem and advise a preventative measure on the spot. For full details of service call fees and charges please CLICK HERE or CALL 0466 663 388.

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Our team will always send an employee of ours to your home or business. That way you can rest assured that only trusted members of our team will be working for you. We support and train to our exceptional standards to ensure you get high quality consistent service. Customer service is vital to the growth of our company. 

We always value your feedback to keep improving the way we do business.

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