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So how do you choose the right air conditioning company for you when there are so many delivering what seems to be the same services? Great question! Based on customer feedback, we’ve put together some vital points to look for when making your decision.
We only use the best suppliers in the market which means you will always get the best products on the market. Easy.
When it comes to choosing an air conditioning system, quality and trust should never be compromised. Working with a professional is an absolute must. Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standard.

Always on time and budget to give you peace of mind. Sydney Air and Solar has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning scheduling and project safety. Our experience ensures you can sit back and relax whilst our professional team looks after work.
Sydney Air and Solar makes things easy. We will always give you the right advice based on decades of experience and know-how. By choosing us, you are choosing a quality supplier who is here for the long run.

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Our services and installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional level.
You cannot deliver exceptional service unless you have an exceptional staff.
At Sydney Air and Solar we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We think the best way to achieve that is by listening to our customers and always encouraging them to offer open and honest feedback. Click below to hear what some of our customers have to say about our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Customer Testimonials

Sydney Air and Solar takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously. We care what you think. We care how you feel.
But hey, don't just take our word for it, see below to see for yourself!

“Very Knowledgeable”

I would like to praise your company, firstly everyone I have spoken with on the phone and on site were all friendly, helpful and professional. The guys that came on site, were both friendly and hard workers and cleaned up after themselves without me asking.


“Excellent work”

I was SO grateful to Alex for helping me solve the problem created by the builder – he really didn’t have to spend the extra time and effort to fix someone else’s mistakes – but I was so glad he did! He was very kind and I felt really confident in his ethics and skills – which is definitely not something that I have found with all the tradespeople who have worked on our house over the past 10 months! We will definitely recommend your services to friends and family who may be looking to install air conditioning.


“Experienced Professionals”

The guys did a great job today – please pass on my thanks to them, and let the boss know I was really impressed with their work.


How does air conditioning work?

Air Conditioning works by transferring energy (heat) from one place to another. Simply speaking, if we are trying to heat a room inside a house, we will absorb heat energy that is in the outside air and then release this energy inside. 

The magic happens by the use of a refrigerant which assists this process. Similarly, when we are trying to cool a room, we are taking the heat energy inside a room and transferring to the air outside of the house. 

Having fans blowing over radiator fins (coils) allows us to control how much air we want to heat or cool. We can then transfer this through ductwork and outlets for a ducted system or straight out of the indoor unit on a split system.

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a system that has both cooling and heating functions within the same appliance. The same process is used to cool and heat your home, just reversed. So to cool, warm air is sucked into the system, converted to cool air and blown back out again. Whereas to heat your home, cool air is sucked in and converted to warm air before being blown back out again.

What type of air conditioning should I choose?

This question is difficult to answer unless we know exactly what your requirements are. The most popular type of AC in todays market is the Split System. It’s economical, quick to install and requires very little maintenance. you know who invented air conditioning?

Willis Haviland Carrier developed the first modern air conditioning system back in 1902. As a young electrical engineer he was commissioned to solve a humidity problem at a successful publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. The publishing company encountered endless problems with their printing processes when the paper stock absorbed moisture in the air during the hot summer months. 

Carrier understood that warm air holds more moisture than cool air so essentially if he was able to control the temperature of the air he could control the amount of humidity. He did this by introducing a system that involved blowing the humid air across chilled pipes. This process cooled the air as it passed across the pipes which reduced the amount of moisture in the air. As a ‘side effect’ the temperature within the factory lowered substantially which proved extremely popular with the staff during the hot summer months. So what started as a solution to assist the printing process back in 1902 soon became something much much more. On average almost 50% of Australian households now have air conditioning installed and that number keeps growing every year!


In the past, air-conditioners were considered to be luxury items that were an optional feature in our homes and workplaces, this has changed dramatically over the past several years.
Today we have temperature control at our fingertips. Having this climate control in our homes and workplaces has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

With so many options available on the market today it can become very confusing choosing the right system for you. We get it! Let us take the confusion out of this process by allowing one of our professionals to determine the most appropriate air conditioning system for your home or business. Request a quote below and we'll be sure to get back to you fast!
CEC Accredited Installer


Our team will always send an employee of ours to your home or business. That way you can rest assured that only trusted members of our team will be working for you. We support and train to our exceptional standards to ensure you get high quality consistent service. Customer service is vital to the growth of our company. 

We always value your feedback to keep improving the way we do business.

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